Review of The Ideal Hair Salon

The salon started by Susan Jewell. Her mother taught her to be self-sufficient, so she opened her own salon in a beautiful area. Her mother also helped to open the flower shop which she ran with help from her sister. Her business quickly grew and she decided to expand into the beauty area. She named it after her daughter’s favorite flower.

Her shop is located in a very charming and quiet section of the Garden District downtown. The location makes it easy for busy women to get there quickly. There are also many features available that make it relaxing. The building is one of the few in the city that has a rooftop deck. That can really be an advantage if it rains or it is windy.

Her style is very different than most. Her style is very down to earth. This means that everyone who visits gets drawn to her. Even her customers have to be comfortable if they want to relax and feel at home.

This place is located off the beaten path, so you won’t find anyone standing right outside your door. Even if there was, you wouldn’t want to bump into them. This is one of the benefits to visiting a good hair salon. You can come in when you have time and leave when you want. This kind of freedom gives customers a chance to feel like they really can relax and pamper themselves. If you go to many hair salons, you will notice that most have the same idea.

Susan Jewell’s salon is not the type where you will have to sit still for hours. In fact, the staff will let you take a break between treatments. In other hair salons you may have to sit there for up to an hour while your treatment is running. This experience will wear you out and you will need a break during this time.

This salon has been running for over three decades and is known for providing excellent service to their clients. You will definitely want to come here more than once. The beauty staff is very knowledgeable and can make you feel relaxed and comfortable while you are getting your hair styled. You will feel like a celebrity when you have your hair done at Susan Jewell’s. Her style is classic and is what you need to have beautiful tresses.