Staceywood Beach Real Estate Market

For those who have been wondering where the hell is Staceywood Beach, it is located in Escondido, California. This is a small, but beautiful beach that offers wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountains. It has a wide variety of accommodations for visitors and sits just south of San Diego proper. The reason why it is referred to as “Staceywood” rather than “Stafferwood” is because the real estate there is almost exclusively owned by one very rich man…who happens to be the only homeowner in the area?

Now, let’s get a little more specific. The realtor who sold our home had this to say about Staceywood Beach: “The houses are generally older, but some of them (and I’ve only seen a couple of them) really look brand new. They were actually built on the former St. Claire Way site which was once used as a railroad bridge, and it really is an amazing place to spend the day.” Wow. With the beautiful views and the proximity to the ocean and the “great outdoors”, I would think that Staceywood Beach would be a huge seller with its current population.

Unfortunately, the housing market is simply not there to support the high demand for Staceywood homes. In fact, there are only three homes on the market currently for sale – a two-bedroom duplex with an attached garage and a one-bedroom studio. While I suppose the buyers that are interested are qualified buyers looking for a little “woods-and-forts” in their lives, these properties will certainly not fit into the typical buyer’s budget. There is another problem with the limited supply of single family homes on the Virginia beach real estate market: the lower supply of homes on the Virginia beach means the higher price of these homes that you will pay.

In this case, we have some buyers who want a home on the beach, Va. but can’t afford it, even with the increased value. This is understandable though, because when you add the higher prices of homes on the Virginia beach real estate market, the low supply becomes even more problematic. If you are in search of a reasonably-priced house on the beach, Va., you might consider checking out the Staceywood Beach area.

Staceywood Beach is known for its beautiful views, beautiful weather, and numerous activities and amenities. Although many people consider St. Clair Shores as being a “desirable location” for a single family home, this is not necessarily the case. If you are ready to buy a home on the beach, Va., now is a great time to do so because rates and sales are extremely reasonable right now.

There are many other areas in Virginia that appeal to buyers who want a “home on the beach,” but St. Clair Shores is the best choice for a beautiful place to raise your children and retire. With affordable homes on the beach, in demand, and steady sales, your family will be happier and healthier after you buy a house on the beach. The key is to keep your eyes open for those special deals and continue to work hard to make sure you get the best deal on your next vacation destination!