Book Review: The Sasha Palooza

Sasha Palooza is a fictional character in Tulsi Krishna’s novel titled, Onlyemouth: The Adventures of an American Ninja. In this novel the author Tulsi Krishna portrays the life of Sasha Palooza, a former professional bull rider turned bounty hunter. The story revolves around his encounter with Tulsi’s Uncle Rico, a well-known criminal in the west who remains at large. Along with Rico’s loyal assistant, Jigaro, they encounter several other colorful characters that add to the novel’s colorful and thrilling storyline.

Sasha Palooza’s Uncle Rico is the main character, a former bull riding champion, who has now transformed into a drug lord. His motives are personal and based entirely on greed. At the start of the book it is clear that Sasha’s Uncle is looking to make Sasha his next replacement as champion. However, the story soon shows that he isn’t that close to actually achieving this goal. He instead is content with using his fortune to support his corrupt organization.

Most of the book involves Sasha’s search for his Uncle, and how he eventually ends up in Arizona, having been told by his Uncle that he will receive money from the government in exchange for information leading to the capture of his Uncle. It is here that we meet many supporting characters, some of whom have special connections with Sasha. It is also here that you learn of their colorful personal histories and how their lives intersect.

Sasha’s Uncle provides funds for much of his business ventures, some of which are questionable at best, using questionable tactics. However, there is some good in those dealings as Sasha discovers some very valuable items such as some cowboys’ skulls. When he later uses these skulls to help free some slaves, he ends up facing off against some cowboys led by rancher Denton Baxter (Kurt Russell) – two men whose volatile relationship makes for entertaining and engaging storytelling.

The entire novel is told in the third person, from Sasha’s point of view. This method of telling the story allows the author to add more emotional depth to scenes, since he has chosen to write from the character’s own voice. His descriptions of the small towns along the way are vividly descriptive and add a unique quality to the tale. There are also many memorable moments that stand out as being very symbolic of our country’s history. These include the use of the rifle and ammunition by the renegade regiment, the white water rafting trips down the Colorado River, and the gold rush in California.

The novel includes a number of true stories, most notably the one in which Sasha gets himself killed by some cowboys. Although most of the book is told from the viewpoints of the narrator, some of the interludes with other people’s viewpoints add a realistic touch to the tale. In addition, this novel provides some insight on how different cultures interact with one another, both through the experiences of the cowboys and the people they come into contact with. It is often funny to read, with the dialogues and witty observations being what make The Sasha Palooza such a fun and entertaining read.