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“Sara Vega Desnuda: Queer Chickens” is a DVD that tells you the story of a young, beautiful Latina girl who moves to New York and becomes part of the Gay and Lesbian community. This film showcases her character as much as it does her abilities and it gives you the full effect of what being a lesbian can be like when you meet someone like Sara. If you are familiar with Camsoda’s Camsoda Girl videos you will know what this is about, but if not you should go out and rent it.

This movie has two parts: one part is a movie that tell you about Sara’s life in New York City, and part one is about how the Latina gay hardcore sex scene in the videos was formed. Part one gives you a brief history of how Sara developed her love for hard sex. In her first few days in New York she would visit gay clubs that catered mostly to men. She would perform many different exotic and sex acts on these men and you would see them drooling at the thought of having her with them. Later on you would see them trying to find someone to get into bed with her.

Later on in her studies in Madrid she found out that the capital of Spain had a large gay community and that there were gay bars in all the major cities. She visited these bars and fell in love with some of the men there and even had sex with them. Later on when she moved to Barcelona, a similar bar appeared in the area and this made her decide to come to Spain. This is how she met her lover, Santiago, who became her husband.

Sara entered the profession of being a masseuse in Madrid and loved it, she even worked in a day care center as a nanny for the kids of one of the gay-dominated neighborhoods. She loved her job so much that when her nanny asked her if she could come home early in the mornings to spend time with the kids she said yes. She took care of the children for almost thirteen years until a couple of years ago when she met Santiago and decided to marry him. The marriage was great, it was passionate, hot and had many laughs.

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