The Obediente Nena

Obediente Nena is a German Shepherd dog who is depicted as being strong-willed and having a devotion to her owner, which often forces her to behave more like a pet than a household dog. OnlyFans brought this adorable German Shepherd to life as one-half of the popular TV character, Opfer Kommen, or “The Little Shepherd”. This dog got her start in a television series called Der Flucht und Tod; (The Dog Who Stop Here), and then got a second career in the German news magazine Der Spiegel. You can follow Obedience Nena on her official website, and also on her social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

The TV show has been critical of German Shepherd obedience instructors for trying to force the breed to be obedient. There have even been some recalls and FERPA issues over the years. But despite this, Obedience Nena has won many awards including Best Show in Der Wachkonig Videos International, and Obedience TV Show, among others. So, why is this?

A good way to understand Obedience Nena, and what makes her so likable, is to know how she was bred. When she was created, all three of her parents were registered as purebreds. Her dam was the result of an affair with an English Bulldog breeder, and her dad was a shepherd. Nena’s great grandparents lived with cattle and goats and were also devoted to caring for her. Nena’s personality is described as calm and curious, with a strong desire to please. This may make it difficult to place a breed in a human dominated cage, but she will do just fine if you let her out of her crate when she wants to play with another dog or goes into her yard.

As a young puppy, Obediente Nena showed a variety of behavior. However, because she was bred for her job as a radio hunter, she had to be trained so that she could listen to police radio scanners and not attack the sentries on her territory. The Obediente Nena does well with other dogs and children, but does quite well when placed with larger dogs like bulls. It takes some time and effort to handle the size, but once it is learned, she is a very loyal and devoted pet. In fact, she was such a hit at her first agility trials, that the organizers of the trials began offering a $1000 prize for the first dog to complete the course without an accident.

Obedience Nena shows off her strong working-dog skills as she performs amazing tricks and completes every task assigned to her. In one competition, she was able to bring a toy truck onto the stage and completed her act without a single bump. This made her the grand-prize winner, and she received several standing ovations along the way. It is clear that her personality is determined by her job, and she loves getting into the competitions, and winning, whether it is for a toy truck or another item.

If you have always wanted to own an obedient Nena, then you may have an additional challenge ahead of you. Obedientes are often considered a bit fragile, and as such, you will need to be very protective of them. Because of this, they are not recommended to be left alone in the house when you are away. They need to be socialized with other animals and people in order to become a good companion, but they can make great companions for the right person. Their loyalty will stand them in good stead for many years, making them a great choice for a first dog.