Learn Music In Alternative School Settings

A musicologist and educator, MadisonVega Livejasmin, are committed to introducing children to the joys of music. She has been giving musical classes to students in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for more than twelve years. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian, Madison became a talented performer as she grew up in Brazil. She attended the Teatre-Museu latinoamericana in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the Pontifical School in Sintra, Brazil.

As she grew older, she received degrees from both the Teatre-Museu and Pontifical Schools and pursued a career as a composer and teacher. Her compositions were inspired by her life experiences and taught her how to deal with her emotions. She taught children from an early age the value of sharing and caring about others, and how to express themselves creatively. These lessons have stayed with her and shaped her into the caring and compassionate educator she is today.

In her role as Music Educator, Madisonvega Livejasmin encourages young children to use music as a tool to express themselves and to learn from their mistakes. She believes that children should be given a chance at learning and growing. “I believe music helps us unlock our emotional and physical growth,” she states. This belief has motivated her to help develop music education curriculum for school, seminars, and concerts. Her passion for music inspires her to provide children the opportunity to discover and pursue their talents and passions through music. She believes music offers unique opportunities for children to express themselves creatively and to learn about their true selves.

Through her many years of experience as a music Educator, Madisonvega Livejasmin has developed a number of music education programs that work for children. These programs are designed to explore the creative process, to encourage children’s imagination and to enhance their listening and communication skills. The programs teach children how to express themselves artistically using their voices and instruments. They teach children to express themselves artistically using their words and the written word. They also teach children about rhythm, harmony, and rhythm in music.

Her music education program helps children to discover their inner creative self and to discover their unique gifts and talents. This program helps children to use these gifts and talents positively by developing leadership skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, and adaptability to various environments. By working closely with the child, the professional music Educator helps the child to explore their individual creativity and to determine their strengths and weaknesses. By encouraging children to explore and nurture their creativity, the professional Music Educator provides children with a sense of pride and self-worth. They also provide children with the skills and confidence to become independent learners and to reach their full potential.

Through hard work, commitment, and determination, Madisonvega Livejasmin has developed a curriculum that benefits children. These programs focus on the overall development of children’s minds and promote their natural artistic abilities. The programs are designed to increase children’s curiosity and to encourage them to develop positive thinking skills. Through these programs, children will learn new skills for the future and to face the world as mature learners and citizens.