What Are the Top 3 Places to See in Romania?

In Romanian folk art, the ladysusurro is an artistic representation of the Mother Goddess. In Romanian folklore, the ladysusurro is also known as the ‘cavatse’, and it is traditionally made from wood by a person called Ladysus. It is said that the first artist to use this particular form of art was a king of Arles named Razghenu who, unhappy with the way his subjects had been treated, decided to create a mirror for his bedroom that would reflect the suffering he had felt on a daily basis.

The ladysusurro in question is not the only reflection of the Mother Goddess in Romanian art, however. If you’re looking for other depictions of the Mother Goddess, you’re going to be spoiled for choice. There’s a whole variety of images including the chariot and the ‘deity’ of the Earth. The Chariot of Romanian Mythology has also become associated with the national football team of Romania, while the Earth, or nature, is associated with a different kind of game – polo.

The ladysusurro is an important part of traditional Romanian folk art. Every region in Romania has its own unique rendition of the chariot. They’re often decorated in accordance with their region’s history. For example, the region of Transylvania has its own special image which includes the lady in a long gown, carrying a crocus. The Crocus is an ancient symbol of the Earth. You’ll often see it incorporated into artwork such as murals or bookends.

Other forms of embellishment are also common. Water is used in many paintings, particularly in bookends or around lamp stands. Rocks are also carved in a similar way. You’ll find them cut in various shapes, and you’ll even see some carved in the shape of men! Bookends, of course, are another common embellishment, although there are plenty of modern alternatives available.

In rural areas, ladysusurro may be used as a form of folk art or as a focal point in a home. For example, a lady can be used as a centrepiece in a family room, or a family photo placed on a mantel can look great when displayed alongside a ladysusurro. It’s a relatively inexpensive addition to your home, and many people like to use it as a conversation piece. If you’re lucky enough to have one outside your front door, don’t be surprised if people start asking to see it when they come to visit. It will definitely get you noticed!

So, are you interested in the Romania experience? If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably looking for more! Fortunately, it’s not hard to see why people love to travel to Romania, or to spend time in Transylvania. Your next holiday destination should be in Romania, where the magic of a ladysusurro is still fresh in the hearts of ordinary locals and visitors alike.