A Brief Introduction to Karlakole, Tajikistan

Karlakole is a lovely place with an extraordinary history. It is nestled at the foot of majestic mountain Gokova in the Kara ethnographic region of Tajikistan, and was originally a fortress used by the Qashqai, Turkoman, and Bukharian peoples as a winter retreat. The name was changed to Karlakole when the fortress was renovated during the nineteenth century by the Russian architect Pyotr Ivanov. Today, the beautiful village of Karlakole still serves as a beautiful haven for thousands of visitors every year.

The village is located on the slopes of the mountains and has a unique tropical atmosphere, with its apple orchards and scattered gardens dotted along the main road. The village has a few century-old houses and the most important buildings are the two hotels that are the oldest ones on the village. The architecture in the village is typical Tajikian and there are many picturesque spots such as the Znamensky (pine) and the Gorniy Homet. The village also has an observatory and a museum of precious artifacts.

The weather in Karlakole is mild and pleasant throughout the year. In the summer, the temperature can reach up to thirty degrees Celsius. There is plenty of fresh air and plenty of room in the hotels, so those who want to stay long and soak in the sunshine can do so. The people of Karlakole are friendly and welcoming, and it is easy to see why they have become so popular around the world. The people are generally Tajikistani but there are also Chinese and North Korean guesthouses that have rooms available.

There is a popular tourist town called Gromyolai, which is on the way to the village of Karlakole. Tourists love to visit Gromyolai because they can see the dancing pole. The dancing pole is almost five meters high and it can be difficult to cross from one side of the village to another. This is a great sight to see, especially for those who are visiting from distant countries. The people of Gromyolai are very excited that foreigners are coming to visit, and you can often find them having competitions to see who’s dance pole is taller.

The capital of Karlakole Dushanbe is about two hours by car. The airport is in St. Petersburg, another couple of hours to the north. It is possible to drive to the capital, but renting a car is always a good idea. It is much cheaper than taking a cab!

If you are planning a trip to this part of Tajikistan, a great idea is to take a tour of the village of Karlakole. Most tourists are surprised by the simplicity of the village and how preserved it is. The only shops in the village are food stalls and a market on the main street. There are a small chapel and a museum in the village, where you can learn about the people of Karlakole. There is a restaurant in the village that serves delicious Tajikistani food.