Eylinmontana (Movie Review)

Eylinmontana is one of the most unique video rentals in Thailand. You can choose from a wide selection of Thai movies and also have the power to rent any movie you want by simply adding it to your ‘queue’. There is also a service called Camsoda. This service is similar to Artoflux but the prices are really cheap.

The name of the video is ‘ray’. It has been produced by the House of Pictures through a very ingenious process which involves projection and superimposition. Each scene is projected onto a big screen and then superimposes a small screen directly above the picture so that the entire picture changes rapidly. Therefore, the entire scene is vividly shown even if the picture quality is not super high.

The story is based on the book ‘The Hard Way’ by Simon Beaufroy. In this book, Simon Beaufroy narrates his adventures in Thailand, especially in the area of Eylinmontana. He is assisted by his friend Camsoda. Camsoda is a female monkey who works in the Khao Suk prison near Bangkok. She appears briefly in the movie, playing an important character, somewhere in the prison.

There are many Thai movies being shot in Eylinmontana, some having English subtitles. This movie is no exception to this. If you are able to find some good English subtitles, you will definitely enjoy the movie, especially if you know some Thai.

There are many scenes in Eylinmontana which will certainly take your breath away. For example, there is a great sequence where a young girl named Koo is shopping. She spots two boys buying rings from a ring shop. They immediately recognize her and approach her. Koo then gets off the bus she was on and starts walking towards the boys, telling them she is working there.

The plot of the movie revolves around a jeweler in Thailand. He wants to open a store in an exclusive mall in Eylinmontana, but has to face a lot of obstacles. He tries to make friends with some local girls, but they are not very welcoming. He also gets help from Camsoda, a female monkey who works in the prison in the area. The movie has excellent shooting and some nice twists at the end.

Some of the other characters are Camsoda’s son, Joon, who is also played by Pooja Payajee, and his assistant, Pornpreet. Camsoda is also the owner of the hotel in Eylinmontana. The movie has excellent cinematography. It also has some great singing and dance numbers.

One thing that I did not like about this movie is how they shot some action sequences outside the hotel in the middle of the day. They didn’t use any CGI to make these shots realistic, and some of the shots were so fake looking it made me think they were made by amateurs. Overall, this movie is worth a watch. It may not win any awards for best movie, but it should be able to at least earn some critical acclaim. My overall impression was that it is worth your time.