Chanel Jamaica Half Pint Review

A new series of Chanel merchandise has just been released on Chanel’s site. This time it is the brand new Chaneljj handbag and bag set. A great new line of totes and handbags from Chanel is always exciting.

SITUATION: It is time for a new year and it is time to start fresh. Chanel announced two new projects “Sociable” and “Chaneljj.” This new series will also feature a few of their classic products that customers have requested repeatedly. Here are some information about the new items:

CHANEL JJ. More importantly, a new addition to Chanel’s luxurious handbag collection is the Chaneljj Satin Slippers in Sephara. A hot-rod styled chenille inspired Satin slipper with a beige and cream interior. The beige and cream look gives it a vintage feel, but it has been updated for the new year.

COST AND PAYMENT: A quick check on Chanel’s website tells us that there will be a limited number of the “77799 joined” Chaneljj Satin Slippers being manufactured. At present, the production number for the new collection is only six. So it may take a while before we see a lot of them… or more. It will most likely be a nice surprise to everyone when they actually get their hands on one. I was very curious about the price, but alas, we’ll have to wait and see.

PADAWAN Posts: When it came to the padawan posts, my initial thought was that this would not be a good fit for me simply because I am not fond of the fabric. However, my sis always tells me to pick the color that fits you best. She likes the color pink better than black, so that is what she got for me for my Chanel Jamaica Half Pint. The quality is definitely top notch, so if you are into high-end fashion you should really get yourself a pair. My only gripe is that it takes forever for them to dry, which is definitely a problem during the summer. But I will just have to deal with that for now.

ON THE RECALL: A few weeks after my first experience with the Chanel Jamaica Half Pint in October, I received an email from this regarding a special offer he had for his readers. It was an owl string bikini for ladies and men, and all the details were included in the email. Well, since he sent me such enticing information, I had to find out more about it before I could pass it on to all of my friends. The Offer was that users could get a refund if their first pair of Chanel Jamaica Half Pint Jeans or any other Chanel shoe within three months of purchase. They were offering two pairs for every person they sign up, and the offer was limited to two pairs per customer, but since I was one of those users who signed up, I was able to get my refund in a jiffy.