Beautiful Bijou Paintings For Your Walls!

The Xhamsterlive wallpaper series continues. This latest wallpaper series has been gaining popularity due to its unique style and high quality picture quality. It’s called “Xhamster Live Wallpaper” because it is exclusively available for download on the popular internet live wallpaper website, Xhamster. If you’ve never visited this site, it promises to provide superb quality images, featuring original artwork from artists all over the world, all in one place for easy downloading and safekeeping. I especially love the selection of exclusive “Original Concept Art” that Xhamster provides. These are truly spectacular works of art.

Xhamsterlive Wallpapers – Celine Dion’s “Celine Dion Sexually Challenged Celebrity Portrait” bijouceline more wallpaper comes in a full-sized (tall) version for your desktop and also in a tiny, almost undetectable (but still very noticeable) thumbnail version for your phone’s screen. Celine’s new theme is “Play it Cool”. The small version of the wallpaper features a tattoo of Celine’s head with her lips pulled back in a sexy pouty manner. The full version has Celine in a full length uncensored photo snapped by a paparazzi while she was alone with a male celebrity. The wallpaper is appropriately titled as “Play it Cool”.

Another fantastic bijouceline wallpaper is this gorgeous piece entitled “Bijou Cutouts”. This wallpaper contains two small versions for your computer and cell phones. One has a selection of bijou cuts made in the fashion brand’s signature style and pattern, and the other version has a beautiful mosaic of small geometric shapes that really tie together the design. The bijou cutout image is superimposed on a clean black background. To see a close up view of the geometric pattern, please visit my blog link below.

The third in my series of bijouette peepers is entitled “Mystery Woman”. This image depicts the mystery woman in a full length picture from behind. The background is composed of a light blue sky with a few darkish blue dots strewn here and there in the image. It is a photo taken by a famous fashion photographer with Celine Dion at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Celine also appears in the same photo wearing a pirouette top with ruffles around her neck.

The fourth bijouine wallpaper I will introduce to you is called “Bold And Brassy”. This wallpaper features a full length image of a bold and brassy young Frenchwoman in a tight fitting black and white dress with dark hair. It is accompanied by a striking red accent wall hanging.

The last bijouine subject I am going to introduce to you is called “My Paparazzi”. This is a beautiful image featuring a beautiful young woman in a pink and black suit sitting with her arms crossed behind her head. The background of the paparazzi image is composed of a dark gray sky with faint blue spots here and there. The pink and black color scheme in this wallpaper design are inspired by the color scheme of Celine Dion’s famous red carpet fashion shows.