Anabel Applause Shares Her Story About Traveling to Chula Vista, Mexico

My first encounter with Anabel Applause was when she came to stay with us on our second trip to Mexico. My husband and I had gone ahead and booked a private beach vacation condo for three and a half days. It was a great deal because it was a nice out-of-the-way spot, far from any of the tourist traps. Anabel, however, had made plans to visit some friends in Chula Vista.

When we finally got together to plan the trip, she confided in me that she really wanted to go to the beach. My first reaction was, “What beach?” But she assured me that Chula Vista is actually a great place for swimming, and she had never been to the beach there before. The rest is history.

I had read about Chula Vista in a book and knew it as a great beach for a little beach getaway. So when we got ready to go, we made sure to pack her beach gear. She was still wearing her towel, so we could use that. Anabel enjoyed the fun in the sun, and it really fired up her appetite for Mexican food. The next morning, as she showed up for lunch, I could tell she was in for more.

After an exhausting day, Anabel returned to our condo and set off to bed. She was in bed by nine o’clock, and I was surprised to find her awake and ready for work. We both talked for a while, catching up. Eventually I asked her about her experiences in Chula Vista, and she told me she had really enjoyed her time there. It turned out that she loved her friend woman’s home and had also visited the zoo and her niece’s playground.

So I congratulated her on her beautiful Chula Vista adventures. I also asked her if she wanted to tell me a little bit about where she’d ended up spending her time when she wasn’t at the beach. For her part, Anabel Applause said she loves her job, and even though she went to Mexico for a week, she returned to Chula Vista to live with her cousin.

I know what you’re thinking now. How could someone spend a week in Mexico, then come back to Chula Vista? That’s a valid question. However, Anabel is adamant that she loves her life in Chula Vista (as well as her life in Mexico). So if you have the opportunity to travel, you may want to consider doing so. Not only will you experience Chula Vista like a resident, you’ll also feel like you’ve ‘been there’.