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If you are a fan of Alessi and Livejasmin then you should try this great new movie. It is directed by Giancarlo Esposito and it stars Alessiper Guidos, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Kiaraosa Smith. I am a huge fan of Alessi and Livejasmin so this was a dream come true for me. I just wish they’d make a follow up movie to “When The Noise Finally Leaves” like they did for “Ghost.” I wish all of the stars were aligning so this movie would have been much better.

Alessiabaly’s character, Livejasmin, is the main character in this movie. She is a Hispanic single mother who works in the clothing store owned by her brother. After her brother leaves the business and gets a new job, he starts dating another woman, Alessi. While she and Livejasmin are dating this is the start of their downfall as they both begin to neglect each other.

Alessiabaly has a plan in mind to correct the couple’s faults, but first she must overcome her feelings for Livejasmin. As they are speaking on the phone one night Livejasmin tells Alessiabaly that he doesn’t want to take care of her and he doesn’t want to marry her. Alessibailey is upset and on the verge of yelling at Livejasmin when the two realize what they are doing. Fortunately one of the employees from Livejasmin’s old company, Karen, overhearing the conversation, takes advantage of the opportunity to turn the tables on Livejasmin.

Once Alessiabaly arrives home she dials a number that hangs up on the caller ID. It is the owner of Livejasmin’s old company, Jusuru. She informs Livejasmin that she has to thank him for taking care of her when she was down, because she needs his help to get back. As the relationship between Alessiabaly and Livejasmin begins to deteriorate, they both stop speaking altogether. Karen comes over to see them, notices their disinterest and decides that it would be a good idea for Alessiabaly to give Jusuru a tip on how to make her more successful with her online camming ventures. This tip leads Alessiabaly to Jusuru, who decides to teach Alessiabaly all she knows about the making of high quality and successful high value tips for making your online titties sex toys.

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